The service for webinars
Test your PC
To prepare your computer for the webinar, you must pass a system test.

To do this, click on the link below.

If the interface opens in Russian, it is possible to switch the language to English (see screenshot)

Link for TEST -

Then follow the instructions provided
Flash does not work in the system test
How to enable Flash in browsers Attention!

Let us know your browser version and we will send you instructions

If you find it difficult to enable Flash even with instructions, the fastest solution is to work with another browser.

For example, in Google Chrome, this plugin is already built-in.
Registration to the webinar
We will send a link to the webinar.

When you click on the link, the registration window will open.

The e-mail address field will already be filled in, it does not need to be changed.

Next is the last name field and the first name field that you want to fill in.
Webinar management
You can control the webinar - show presentations, draw on the screen, do surveys.

To do this, use the tools marked with icons. Also you can manage the webinar, customize the interface.

These options are located in the upper right corner of the screen
1 - chat
2 - survey
3 - participant
4 - setting
Changing the interface language
To change the interface language you need to go to settings (Настройки).

The settings are in the top right menu of the screen (see screenshot)
Next, you need to open the settings window

Select the very first item ( Настройки )
In the menu that opens, language selection is the first option.

Click on the label and select English from the drop-down list.

Next, close the settings menu, the interface language should change.